How to Recover My Lost Trust Wallet

Have you lost access to your Trust wallet account and you want to recover it, then read this article to the very end. But first, let’s discuss the need for a Crypto Wallet and the types of Wallet we have.

To be able to store any kind of cryptocurrency you need a Public Key and a Private Key. A Public Key is a cryptographic code that allows users to receive cryptocurrencies into their accounts (it is like your account number). A public key is the equivalent of an Email Address when setting up an account, to receive emails you have to share your email address, just as the Public Key is to receive cryptocurrencies. 

The Private Key, on the other hand, is made available only to its user and authorizes the user to facilitate transactions from their account. The private key is known to the user alone and serves as the user’s digital ID. The private key authorizes the user to spend, withdraw, transfer, or carry out any other transaction from his or her account. The Private Key should be private to you, do not share your private key with anyone.

How to Recover Lost Trust Wallet

To store your Public and Private Key you need a wallet, there are two types of wallets;

  • Hot Wallet 
  • Cold Wallet

Hot Wallet: This is the category where Trust Wallet falls, hot wallets are the most common type, hot wallet refers to a virtual currency wallet that is accessible online, and it facilitates cryptocurrency transactions between the owner and end-users. Hot Wallet is a collection of private keys stored on a program connected to the internet that is used to store and send different currencies such as Bitcoin. When you create an account on an exchange, download a mobile wallet, or download a desktop wallet on your laptop, you are creating a hot wallet. 

Cold Wallet: Cold wallets are considered the more secure cryptocurrency storage solution as they are not connected to the internet. You only connect your cold wallet to the internet when you want to make a transaction. It is advised to save the larger proportion of your Cryptocurrency in a Cold Wallet for security reasons.

Hardware wallets and paper wallets are both cold wallet options. However, hardware wallets are more popular as they are easier to use and come with customer support provided by the manufacturer. Examples of Cold Wallet are Trezor Wallet, Ledger Wallet, CoolWallet Pro, KeepKey and many more.

How to Recover Lost Trust Wallet

How To Recover Your Lost Trust Wallet

If you have lost your Trust Wallet account to theft or hack, getting it back can be a very disturbing experience. 

Your first line of action is to contact the Trust Wallet Customer service to explain your predicament and how you lost the account. The problem with this method is the long queue you will be placed on before you can be attended to and anything can happen to the Crypto in your account doing that time. And sometimes you might not be able to reach the customer service centre easily.

Another method you can go about recovering your Trust Wallet Account is to hire a private investigator in the form of a hacker. When you hire a hacker, your account recovery will be the priority to the hacker, this makes it a fast process and your Trust Wallet account will be recovered within a few days. 

We recommend you go to Trojan Hackers to hire a hacker. Trojan Hackers is a trusted platform where you can hire the expertise of a hacker to recover not only your Trust Wallet but other types of wallets also. With over 1000 solved cases of funds, crypto and Wallet recovered, Trojan Hackers is your best shot at recovering your Crypto Wallet.

How to protect your Trust Wallet

The most important thing you can do to protect your wallet is to make sure you never share your private Key with anyone under any circumstance. If you receive a mail or SMS pretending to be from Trust Wallet asking for your Private Key or any other sensitive information about your account, ignore the message as it is most likely a phishing attack.

Use a secure Internet. While trading or making crypto transactions, use only a secure internet connection and avoid public Wi-Fi networks. Even when accessing your home network, use a VPN for additional security. A VPN changes your IP address and location, keeping your browsing activity safe and private from threat actors.

Use a strong password on your account. We cannot underrate the importance of a strong password while talking about security. Make sure you have a strong and complex password, which is difficult to guess and change it regularly. Use separate passwords if you have multiple wallets. Opt for two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) for additional security.

And to protect your Cryptocurrency, make sure the larger portion of your Coin saving is in a cold wallet because a cold wallet is more secure as it is not connected to the internet. In case you want to recover your lost trust wallet funds, contact Trojan Hackers Today

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